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A veteran writer reflects on junk, waffles, and the human condition.


TURNING POINTS from Crowd-Writing

a book by Shelley Katz

Out Now

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One morning I woke to discover that someone had transplanted an older woman’s hands on my arms. I can’t say I didn’t have other warning signs – all of which I chose to ignore. But having been a writer for many years, my first instinct was to write about it. Actually that was my second instinct. My first was to close my eyes to it.


Though I started as a Madison Avenue advertising copywriter I soon went legit. I’ve written many novels including Alligator, Lucifer Child, The Shadow President, Family Passions and numerous screen and teleplays as well as producing for TV. The major theme in all of these stories was at least one dead body, preferably several.


However this year, as well as being production consultant on the movie, Stella, I also edited and wrote a story for a compendium of 28 writers true-life adventures, called Turning Points, which has just come out on Amazon. My story did not, for once, center on the Grim Reaper, but was about my life.


I am American and my husband is British and we look upon our rather long marriage as an attempt to forge an international understanding,


My mother, who was a very wise woman, said the only thing she ever learned in life was that four prunes are too many; three are enough. I’m still struggling to come up with a life lesson as profound.



TURNING POINTS from Crowd-Writing

a book by Shelley Katz

Out Now ​

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